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Chris Frost
About Me

I work as a learning designer at the University Of Queensland. It's a very satisfying role. I work with tertiary educators to maximise the student experience, improve learning outcomes, and encourage deeper learning.

I also get to work on adapting and developing tools to support these activities.

Assessment Ideas Factory
Assessment Ideas Factory

Assessment Ideas Factory

The UQ Assessment Ideas Factory is a searchable database of assessment techniques. Course coordinators can use the database to find assessment techniques that promote active learning, student engagement and academic integrity. The assessment techniques are described in general terms so you can transfer them into your course, plus you can also hear how staff have put them into practice. You can filter your search by many factors such as class size, year level, whether the assessment is identity verified, assessment type (e.g. written, oral, group etc.) or any combination of these.

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Program Planner
Bachelor of Arts Planner

UQ Program Planner

This was a planning tool I developed for students studying the Bachelor of Arts at UQ. The prototype was taken up as an enterprise system and is being rolled out to more programs.

Check it out the original prototype at

Check out the current version at


Mythbusting the Learning Designer Role

This is a rather tongue-in-cheek video about being a learning designer at UQ. I still can't believe the marketing people let me get away with this when I wrote the script.